Security for your web app in minutes

Integrate EveryBit into your web app for secure messaging and user management.

One system, two complete services right out the box

Quick easy messaging

Build a complete, customizable messaging system with support for multiple file types for your web app in as little as 10 lines of code using EveryBit.

Truly secure user management

Don't let the thought of having private user records stolen keep you up at night - EveryBit lets you guarantee the safety of your users' data.

Guarantee the security of your users' private data

Designing and implementing a system to handle username and password information can be a tedious and time consuming undertaking. Making sure you do it securely is another matter entirely.

Apps built with EveryBit have access to a lightweight yet powerful username and password system right out of the box. Hook it up in minutes and get back to building your dream application.

Easy to implement messaging for your web app

Encrypted locally

Sent over the network

Decrypted locally

Giving your users the ability to send and receive messages is as easy as adding one line of code with our robust API

Best part of all? EveryBit provides true privacy by encrypting content before it ever hits the network. Read about how we do it

Flexible, lightning fast setup

Developer friendly

When it comes to security, EveryBit counts.

Start making your application more awesome by giving your users peace of mind knowing their data is safe or make something entirely new with EveryBit and tell us about it, we’d love to hear :)